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Success Plan for USA and Canada and Global Countries. Easy to Follow Weekly Pay Plan with Monthly Bonuses

2022 MLM Update - Now in 13 Countries including USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Singapore, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan and more... (2022 expanding in more countries)

Welcome to Team Leg - The Leading Network Marketing in USA and Canada

Our team has year round training via on line, emails, phone and printed material. Easy to follow success for both part time and full time network marketing.

Success plan that puts YOU in control of your MLM business from day one. MLM side of company was launched May 2, 2020

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* Weekly Pay * Monthly Bonus Options * Semi Yearly Travel Bonuses * New products that people want to use and will order again * Associates only specials and sales on products * Helping Malnutrition Kids with our Social Business 3.0 Servings

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Why This Network Marketing Company

This company has the 5 keys for success:

Start Your Network Marketing Business

MLM Plan Comparison: Binary MLM Pay Plan
Understanding Level: Very Easy
MLM Income Distribution: Unlimited Levels

The binary plan is that you have two legs. One on your left, and one on your right. You are building only two legs with a binary compensation plan. And…unlike breakaway and unilevel plans, you are paid on volume accumulation in a leg, rather than a percentage of sale volume on multiple levels of distributors.

A quick out line when you start with us is to first set a specific goal. Make this a simple and achievable goal that you can reach and move on to your second goal. Next, surround yourself with successful team leaders and coaches. This is simply start listening in on our calls, watching videos and learn all that you can on the products and company. This will allow you to talk with people on a professional and educated basis. Your third step is to make a 30, 90 and 180 day plans of action.


2022 continues to focus with work from home and health & well being as top topics. Our product line is highly driven in this market. Sales are boosting as we want to keep our bodies at the highest defense. Our immune systems and gut health are just two main well being zones. Our sales kits are focused on savings for buyers which means sales and commissions.


Each sale from your first sale is paid to you on a weekly basis. Company pays you via direct deposit each Monday. Bonuses are issued on a monthly cycle and you can earn multiple bonuses within a cycle. Team Leg Smart Network Marketing is a winning and proven system.

team leg weekly mlm pay plan